17 Irodotou, Kolonaki, Athens
210 7226160


MINT was created December 2013; within less than a year it has become one of the most valued fashion destinations for vintage and second hand clothing and accessories in Athens.

MINT offers buying and selling services; fashion lovers can sell buy or swap their treasures in our shop. Every one item is individually handpicked. "We only buy the items we love; I choose everything with the same love and attention that I choose for myself! I don't want to display anything that I would't like to wear" says Martha, founder and owner of MINT; "and this is MINT's success. Our valued customers want to come by as often as possible to check out what came in. New items are added daily!"

Are you looking for the special something that was sold out too early? or that one piece from the past season that you didn't have the chance to grab? Don't hesitate to ask! Martha and the staff will make every effort to find it for you!